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At the heart of Mouna & Daughters is the passion of Paris-born pâtissiere Nathalie Gay.

Nathalie grew up in Ivory Coast, West Africa, in a multicultural family with Jewish-Moroccan and French Southern/Occitan roots. She lived for years in the Middle East. After a career in public health and academic studies in psychology and gender, she switched to her actual home-sweet-home as a pastry chef.

Mouna & Daughters offers a confluence of multicultural baking traditions and flavors, that are both joyful and comforting. ​ Our culinary approach is that of an adventurous journey inspired by French, Moroccan, Middle Eastern and Jewish traditions. We blend sweet childhood memories of Africa with the aromas of Southern France, the Middle Eastern spices and the fresh, locally sourced Alberta produce. 

​In addition to homemade ingredients, Mouna & Daughters takes pride in the low-sugar content of their baked goods, as well as a production process that yields minimum waste, and eco-friendly packaging.


Nathalie holds a French Diploma of Professional Skill in pastry (CAP Pâtissier ), as well as a diploma from the Danon Culinary School in Tel Aviv,  and has interned at Parisian establishments such as Un Dimanche à ParisBoulangerie Utopie, and Des Gâteaux et du Pain.

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